‘Imagine UI’ is a research study into the interfaces and devices people who are deeply involved in music would ideally like to have to express their creative ideas.

Across composition, production and performance, we invite you to share the interfaces you are imagining to help us shape our products to support as wide a set of interaction concepts as possible.

Send images, text or links to the main inbox (hello@jya.io). Preferably include some explanation around the functionality of your design, how you imagine interacting with it, and what it would help you to do that is difficult or impossible with the software or devices you use at the moment.

Communicate your interface in which ever medium you prefer. You could explain your idea in a short paragraph without any imagery, you could take a photo of a sketch on paper, create a UI design with annotations, share an image generated by an AI system, etc.

If you attend a follow-up video call to discuss your idea you will recieve a Bandcamp voucher.

Jyá Jyá